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WSKA: World Shotokan Karate Championship 22nd -23rd -24th September 2017

What is shotokan karate? A discipline developed in Japan as a martial art with bare hands. The absence of weapons determined the need to find a sophisticated technique that allows for the greatest self defense.
The karateka’s mental and physical development, makes him an individual in which strength, sensitivity and passion merge into a complete personality devoted to respect.
Being a lifelong discipline has led to its enormous growth, 80 million practitioners worldwide.
The purpose of practicing Karate Shotokan doesn't focus on winning or losing but on achieving an inner well-being and overcoming every cultural barrier by perfecting of the technique.

The competition - Treviso WSKA Championship 2017. The WSKA Championships takes place every two years and has been characterized by the most outstanding examples of traditional Karate Shotokan from the world over. The athletes from the 30 different nations will compete for 3 days at the Palaverde Arena in Villorba. There will be individual and team katas (combination of defense blocking, counterattacks and movements performed in a predetermined sequence and rythm ) and kumite (combat/between two opponents).