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La "Marca Trevigiana" (the province of Treviso) hosts for the second time, the World Shotokan Karate Championship.
The Choice of bringing the WSKA Championship 2017 to Treviso rewards a territory that looks at the world and has made it a way of life. This World Championship in Treviso is at the same time, a great sport event, full of pathos, where strength and lightness come together into the high competitive nature of the matches and the deepening of the foundations on which karate is based : a life-style discipline .
Above this value, the Treviso will also present its best features, related to local products, technologies, a style and taste for life that have few equal. A hospitable land for an international event.

In Treviso there will be a World Championship that will launch karate at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. For the first time, karate will become Olympic discipline. It will become in the land where it was born and from which it spread. The approach to Tokyo 2020 will not only be related to tatami: it will be enriched by events that will stimulate important exchanges between nations and cultural institutions. The province of Treviso will also be able to fit into a truly exciting path.